Our Courses

1. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Production Management(D.P.P.M.)

2. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Marketing Management(D.P.M.M.)

3. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Promotion and Advertising Management(D.P.P.A.M.)

4. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance Management (D.P.Q.C.Q.A.M.)

5. Diploma In Project Management Of Pharmaceuticals (D.P.M.P.)

6. Diploma In Medical Representative Sales Management (D.M.R.S.M.)

7. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Drug Store Management (D.P.W.D.S.M.)

8. Diploma In Herbal Drugs Manufacturing Management (D.H.M.M.)

9. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Purchasing, Store and Inventory Management (D.P.P.S.I.M.)

10. Diploma In Drug Laws (D.D.L.)

11. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Import and Export Management (D.P.I.E.M.)

12. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Packaging Management (D.P.Pack.M.)

13. Advance Diploma In Community Pharmacy Management (A.D.C.P.M.)

14. Diploma In Hospital Materials Management & Financial Control (D.H. M.M.F.C. )

15. Advance Diploma In Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Management (A.D.P.Q.A.M.)

16. Diploma in Drug Regulatory Affairs (D.D.R.A.)

17. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Cost Management (D.P.C.M.)

18. Advanced Diploma In Patent and Regulatory Management (A.D.P.R.M.)

19. Advanced Diploma In Pharma and Biotech Supply Chain Management (A.D.P.B.S.C.M.)

20. Advanced Diploma In Pharmaceutical Product and Brand Management (A.D.P.P.B.M.)

21. Advanced Diploma In International Regulatory Affairs(A.D.I.R.A.)

22. Advanced Diploma In Clinical Research and Data Management (A.D.C. R.D.M.)

23. Diploma in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturing Management (D.A.P.I.M.M.)

24. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sterile Technology Management ( D.P.S.T.M.)

25. Diploma in Food Pharma Analysis – (D.F.P.A.)

26. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medical Digital Management (D.P.M.D.M.)

27. Masters Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management (M.D.P.M.) By doing any three Diplomas in 5 years